Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lost and Missing Children

Have you seen her?

Matthew 18:11

For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. 

Savior King,

Thank you for saving me with your enduring love. Thank you for the people who continuously shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with me and added a beacon of His Glorious light to my life. I was blinded but now I can see. The Son of Man has saved me from a life of eternal hell. 

I pray that your Good News and Light is added to the lives of my children and the children around this Nation.  I pray that their minds are impacted by the Truth, their hearts are pierced with true Hope, and their soul yearns for Salvation to come. Bless the brave praying parents and community leaders who have planted and watered the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ into the lifestyle’s of our children. God we ask for your increase.

Lord, my heart, mind, and soul cries out for each lost and missing child in this world, whether spiritually lost, physically lost, psychologically or emotionally missing. I pray for God to give increase to their lives. I pray that their eyes of understanding are enlightened. I pray that they walk out of darkness into God’s marvelous light. 

The angels and the host of heaven are preparing to celebrate the return of just one lost soul. The praying people of this Nation, shall unite and search out the lost and missing children of this Nation. We step up to our responsibility of praying, imitating, and teaching the love, peace, joy, temperance, meekness, long-suffering, goodness, faith, and gentleness of Christ. 

In the name of Jesus I release hope, assurance, and confidence to all the lost and missing children of this world giving them the self-love to call on the name of Jesus. I call out to Him today… Jesus save my child, Jesus save the children of this Nation, Jesus bestow upon these children your precious gift. I beseech thee O Lord to save our children. I stand on your Word that declares it is not your will that one child should perish.

Lord, I am looking for one child (young or old) who is ready to call on your name. Lord, I am looking for one child who hungers for the Truth and Hope in your Word. Lord, I am looking for one child who hasn’t been introduced to you. Lord I commit to look for one child today that I can show the Way with Truth and add Life unto their soul.

In Jesus’s Holy and Mighty Name I pray…

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